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Hardcola Infantry Terminators Starting

Well this server began with a piece of paper. We wrote every down. Athough we change a little bit, its sill the same. Hardcola was a name I (Rmon) and Nick4544 made up. I just came to us. Infantry Terminators was just an add on. We got the idea of a mix server when Nick and I wanted like a shotgun server and an engineer server. So we mix them together and added on a few things and now it #HIT# Hardcola Infantry Terminators. It was a 24 slot BF2142 server for a summer and a 16 slot Battlefield Bad Company 2 Server for 6 months and now we are just a clan without a server.

Present Banner

This banner was made in October. I didn't want to use the old banner design because a new server a new banner. As you can see it a lot lighter than the other banners because of the pics and I wanted attention to the banner.BFBC2 was coming out and I wanted new start. I made it in October because orginally BFBC2 was coming out in November. I had to use the pictures DICE released (what was a small amount). Although I can make it a lot better do not want another "old" banner. This banner is in use from September-Present. 

Old Banner #2

 This banner is better looking than the oldest one but most members said it looks like a seven year old drew it (I couldn't even draw it now). Well as you can see I made it darker and the clan are crossed out (this looks more like the orginal). This banner was used for the rest of July. It was cut off when #HIT# and =G$= merged.

Old Banner #1

 This as a starting banner. As you can see the gun is backward (I was just learning how to edit photos). It doesn't look like the draft Nick drew  This represents #HIT# is a better server than all those clans. Orginally it didn't has the STAR clan until this other clan wouldn't "allow" the use of the letters. Ths banner was for June-Mid July.


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 #HIT# Hardcola Infantry Terminators

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