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BFBC2 Updates


Vietnam Is Out.

  • 11 New Weapons (4 Old weapons)
  • 6 New Vehicles
  • 5 New Maps 
  • Radio Ingame when in Vehicles including 8 songs. For Example "Ride of the Valkyries" and "Fortunate Son" by CCR
  • Real Brocast Of the War while waiting for your game to load
  • For All Weapons and Gadget Click Here
  • More Info Go to The Battlefield Website

Get It Now At These Stores (Only Digital)

Ea.com $14.95

Gamestop $14.99

Amazon Not Availible

Battlefield SPECACT Kit

Get Camo for ALL your Soldiers AND the last weapon for your class (ie Medic gets Camo MG3. Assualt get Camo M16). Also 12 New Awards and 4 New Trophies.

Ea.com $5.50

BF2142 Updates

Lots of people still play BF2142. To prove it Ea has made a beta for a new patch 1.51.

New Thing Included in the Patch

  • Numerous client and server side fixes including enhanced account security
  • Northern Strike IS FREE
  • 4 New Maps:
  • Operation Blue Pearl – Supply Lines by Björn Sundell and Jason Brice
  • Strike at Karkand 2142 – Conquest by Jason Brice
  • Molokai – Titan by Jason Brice
  • Yellow Knife – Supply Lines by Jason Brice

Download it at one of theses locations (WARNING: You cannot play on any other servers except with 1.51 after download this patch)

Shacknews 30 Wait

FilePlay Medium Wait



Called Zombie MOD 2143 This Zmod lets you only have 1 lifeand new kits. THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN THE FORMER ZMOD. Here are the kits


Sniper has the Turcotte Rapid and the eu sniper rifle The Morretti plus extra rdx and extra mines

Automatic Rifleman has only the support gun The Bianchi and frag grenades

Defence Coordinator has The Bofor, sentry guns, and shields

Support Soldier has The Baur and ammo


Shortcut for It (so you do not have to open bf2142 first) here



ZMod is an awesome mod that you can kill Zombies while playing as EU or even become a zombie yourself. There is the BOFOR added and the Pilum is now a flame  throw.

DOWNLOAD HERE Hosted by Megaupload 45 second wait


Other Mods For BF2142

My favorite are First Strike and Northern Excursion (click on links to download). First Strike is a Star Wars Mod and Northern Excursion is a mod with realism put into the bf2142 game (ie bullets make sounds when they hit metal).

Picture OF First Srike


Battlefield 3


It cost $60 for all systems and if you preorder you get Strike at Karkand for FREE. Preorder at one of these locations.

Best Buy

Battlefield Play4Free

According to the Beta it says I cannot post any videos so If you would like to see BFplay4free talk to me Rmon and I'll give you my account.


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